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Vic is a lovely 8 year old collie x lurcher and is roughly the size of a female greyhound. He has been in the same home since a puppy and is very much loved, but is struggling to live with a baby and all the changes in lifestyle that tends to bring.

Vic is great, a really good “all-rounder”. He is lovely with people and always pleased to meet new friends. Being a gentleman, however excited he is to see you, he remembers to greet with all four feet on the floor. He is great with other dogs, but prefers to meet new doggy friends off lead rather than on lead so that he can have a play with them should the opportunity arise. He is quite happy for dog friends to come and visit at home, and has happily lived with another dog. Vic He loves his walks, and appreciates a good hour or so each day. He is good at lead walking provided he is on a halti, but does prefer off lead and has good recall. He adores the river – the one time that you can “lose” him as the fun of playing in water can outweigh his instincts to be a good boy and come back when called. He loves to play ball and can be kept happily entertained in the house or garden playing fetch. He is a happy traveller happy to jump in the boot and head out for new adventures, doesn`t panic about being left for a few hours whilst you go to work…we really can`t fault him!

Vic would love a home without very young children, fairly active so that he can enjoy his daily walks. He would be happy to live as a single dog and to meet dogs socially, or happy to live with another laid back dog – probably female. Vic is not used to cats and enjoys a good chase game, so we feel he would be best in a home without cats or other small furries – that lurcher line can shine through! He has always been good with visiting children of all ages and we feel that he would be happy to live with children of 8 years +.

Vic is remaining in his original home whilst we find a new home for him – all visits strictly by appointment only!

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