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Zara (Reserved)

Zara is a lovely 5 year old border collie who is sadly being re-homed due to the death of her owner. She is currently being cared for by family members until we can find a permanent loving home for her.

Zara has a fabulous personality, and loves everyone she meets. She is a happy, gentle natured girl, eager to please, and really does make the perfect companion dog. She has been used to having human company most of the time, but is ok to be left for the occasional couple of hours. She loves to travel so is happy to join in and go most places with you. She has good basic obedience, her only downfall being that she tends to pull on lead if not walked on a halti. However, she has excellent recall off lead and does not wander. She is very sensible around livestock.

As you would expect of a collie, Zara is a very active dog who loves her walks – she currently enjoys 2 hours walking time daily. with her clever collie brain she likes to be busy so benefits from plenty of mental stimulation as well as her walks. With good walks and some brain stimulation Zara settles beautifully in the home. She has been used to visiting children, but not had to live with them full time, so we think that she would be happiest living in an adult only home or home with teenagers. Zara was attacked by another dog when she was younger which she has never quite got over. She is very worried if she has to meet new dogs and prefers a life where she can avoid too much dog contact.

Zara is a great girl and would love to be in a solid home that is as devoted to her as she will be to them.

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