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Amelia is great fun. She was brought to us for re-homing having been found dumped in a hedge. It has taken a little while to get her physically and emotionally ready for adoption, but she is more than ready now!

A little lop eared girl, what Amelia lacks in size she more than makes up for in personality! A busy and bustling little rabbit by nature, she very much knows her own mind and loves to show off. Much as she likes a hop around and a bit of an explore Amelia is a bunny who also likes a bit of routine to life, we think it gives her some added security in life.

Amelia is happy to be stroked by humans she knows, but is not a big fan of being asked to sit still on your lap, or being handled by people she does not know. She is an intelligent girl who needs things to do, a good sized area to hop around and explore, and different toys to play with. She is fabulous!

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