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Applejack is just scrumptious. She is 2 & 3/4 years old and has always lived as a house bunny. Because her family have always been very interactive with her and given her lots of freedom Applejack is more like a little person than a bunny…although she is now beginning to flirt with our boy bunnies!

Applejack has a huge personality in her little body. She needs to feel treasured, needs plenty of human input and time, has her own special little games that she loves – along with her own, unique, funny little ways. She loves you to sit and have a cuppa and a chat with her first thing in the morning and will happily spend some time sharing your chair whilst you do this. She loves black kale and green beans, chewing up empty tea boxes, having her nose and behind her ears stroked, playing games with a tea towel. She is intelligent, inquisitive and bossy by nature. She has been used to sensible older children and we feel she would find youngsters overwhelming. Applejack would be very happy to be a bossy house bunny again and we feel would very happily adjust to living with a neutered male bunny – as long as she gets to be in charge! We suspect that she could adjust to being an outdoor bunny in warmer weather, but would definitely need a bunny friend and would still need a high level of human input.

Enquire about homing Applejack.