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Baloo & Bagheera

Baloo and Bagheera are a lovely pair of Guinea Pigs, litter brothers and just over a year old. They have lived a lovely life so far, so are friendly and confident little people. They have lived in house, which they love, so have very much been used to being in the middle of everything, joining in with life and chatting away with you. They are used to having human company most of the time, are used to all the sounds and excitements of small children, and have been handled and cuddled every day of their lives. They are even friendly and confident with dogs, having grown up with one!

Baloo and Bagheera would love a home where they can continue to live as house Guinea Pigs, with people who enjoy interacting with them and all the fun that goes with sharing your life with a pair of gregarious Gunieas!

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