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Benjamin Bunny (RESERVED)

Benjamin Bunny was originally found hopping around on his own, assumed to be dumped as no one locally recognised him at all. It took a little while to catch him as he went from garden to garden, shed to shed, but eventually he got too hungry to resist the temptation of coming into shelter for food.

Benjamin is shy with new people, but a real sweetie with those he knows. He has definitely been used to being handled and will cuddle into you once you have him on your lap. He loves the company of other rabbits and would ideally want to live as a companion to a female rabbit. He is used to a reasonable amount of space, things to explore, play with and to climb. He can still panic easily so would be best in a quiet adult only home. He would prefer to either be a house bunny, or have a large hutch and run/shed and run attached. He can still panic if you have to start moving him from a to b and back again, so run that is separate from sleeping accommodation would not be ideal for him.

He has the cutest face – how can you resist?!

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