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Buddy is a neutered 1 year old male Netherland Dwarf.

Buddy is a sweet boy and relatively tidy for a rabbit!

He will need the company of a small female rabbit of a similar age. They will need to be introduced slowly. We will provide advice on the bonding process.

Buddy will need to be housed in a large hutch with an adjoining run. This will need to be separate from your female rabbit, until they have been slowly bonded.

He could live outside with access to grass, with the option to come inside if it is cold, or to have a brush or a cuddle. He could also be happy as a house rabbit.

He enjoys lots of enrichment to keep him occupied, such as, balls stuffed with hay, tunnels and foraging for herbs. He needs fresh veg, rabbit nuggets and hay daily.

Buddy could be homed with older children. He is used to being cuddled and although he is small, he would love to have lots of space to run around.

If you are interested in adopting this gorgeous young boy, please enquire below.

Enquire about homing Buddy (Available).