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Cleo & Nefra (Available)

Cleo and Nefra are a beautiful bonded pair of 2 year old female Guinea Pigs.

They will need to go to a home with just the two of them, or to slowly bond with other female or neutered male Guineas.

Cleo and Nefra are a shy pair and need to continue with daily handling to help build their confidence with humans. They will need to go to a home with no young children as they find busyness scary. A home with no cats and dogs would be preferred as well.

They have been used to living indoors mostly. They would like a really large cage indoors in a quiet room, or to live in a sheltered area outside with a weatherproofed hutch or shed plus run attached, with the option to come inside if the weather is cold. They also need a gradual adjustment to living outside in a new area as they are currently finding time in their run quite scary even with lots of places to hide in.

Cleo and Nefra will need fresh veg daily along with hay and Guinea Pig nuggets and grass to graze when possible.

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