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Fluffy (Available)

Fluffy is an absolutely beautiful female Lionhead aged 1 year.

Fluffy has been used to being an indoor bunny, but would enjoy being outside during good weather, but will need brushing and cleaning out regularly to keep her in good health, due to being very ‘Fluffy’ this will mean a bit more maintenance than your average bunny.

Fluffy is a friendly, sweet girl who enjoys a cuddle, brush and attention, but has not been used to it much, so she is still building confidence. She would suit a home with adults only as she has not been used to busy children.

Fluffy likes to explore and will need space to do so with tunnels, boxes to hide in and little platforms to climb on.

Fluffy is now neutered so she is ready to meet a ‘husbun’. This will need to be a neutered, vaccinated male, preferably around the same age so they can stay bonded for many years together. They will have to be slowly introduced and we give advice on how to do this.

Fluffy will need to be housed in a large indoor cage/ hutch or shed with adjoining run. This will need to be seperate from your male rabbit to start with, until they have been bonded. We would like to see photos of your set-ups when you apply.

Fluffy will need to be fed rabbit nuggets along with fresh veg, herbs and hay daily. Also access to grass for grazing when weather permits. Fluffy is vaccinated and neutered.

Enquire about homing Fluffy (Available).