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Jasper is now around 2 years old, and was brought in with his brother Ambrose. They are French Lop rabbits, so a large breed bunny that needs plenty of space and daily input.

The boys have always lived together in separate but adjacent accommodation. They are used to being around people, daily handling and grooming, and plenty of interaction. Jasper especially appreciates extra people time and loves to join in with whatever you are doing. Both the boys love to explore and both are surprisingly good climbers! They are the sort of boys who will end up sat on the sofa with you watching TV in the evenings after a busy day exploring your home and garden, finding the hidden food and finding out what you can do with the new toys….possibly chasing the neighbours cat out of the garden just for a giggle!

The boys have something of a love-hate relationship – often a familiar story with siblings of all species! They will squabble and scrap if they spend too much time together, but get very sad and lonely if they are apart for too long. They would love to either be re-homed together, but with the facilities to each have their own area, so they can see each other all the time but do not actually have to be together. Alternatively they could possibly be very happy and content bunnies if each is homed out with a female bunny so they can form a proper bunny relationship.

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