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Jessica (Available)

Jessica is a 5 year old medium size albino rabbit. She is looking for a neutered male rabbit of a similar age to keep her company.

She is a sweet, intelligent girl who loves to explore, even if it means doing a little landscape gardening of her own! Because of this Jessica will need a secure safe garden with lots of hidy holes and enrichment to keep her busy.

Jessica loves lots of time both indoors and outdoors, investigating what’s going on, or having a long cuddle in front of the telly. She is a friendly girl who is confident around people and other friendly animals.

She will need to be housed in a large hutch or shed with large run- separately to your male rabbit while they are slowly bonded. Eventually, once they get along whilst supervised, they can be housed together.

Jessica loves her food and will need fresh veg daily along with her hay and rabbit nuggets.

She is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and parasite- prevention treated.

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