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Lily (& Romeo)

Lily is only about a year old and has come to us with companion Romeo when their owner was sadly unable to care for them anymore. The two have always lived side by side and are desperate to be a pair – once Romeo`s hormones have calmed down post-neutering that is exactly what they will do!

Large bunnies by breed, Lily and Romeo are French lops who will need a lot of space. Lily is clever and curious, loves to explore, to try out new things, new toys etc. Romeo is very laid back, loves a cuddle with a human…loves to sit and gaze at Lily, worshiping her adoringly! They are real characters, wonderful individuals and need a home that really do love their bunnies. Please be aware that they are roughly the size of small dogs so ideally need a free range life as standard sized hutches and runs really are not adequate for these guys. They are fabulous and well worth a meet.

Enquire about homing Lily (& Romeo!).