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Oreo (Available)

Oreo is a one year old neutered male Mini Lionhead Lop.

He came to us after he was fighting with his brother, Fudge.

He will need the company of a female rabbit of a similar age. They will need to be introduced slowly. We will give advice on how to do this. Oreo will need to be housed in a large hutch with an adjoining run to keep him entertained. This will need to be separate from your female rabbit, until they have been slowly bonded. He is quite dominant, so would suit a pairing with a female who is more laid back.

Oreo would prefer to be homed with adults only. He is used to daily handling, which should be continued in his new home.

Oreo is vaccinated. He would love to live outside with access to grass, with the option to come inside if it is cold, or to have cuddles or a brush. He enjoys lots of enrichment to keep him occupied, from willow sticks, to tunnels and foraging for herbs. He will need to be fed fresh veg daily along with his rabbit nuggets and hay.

If you are looking for a handsome chap to keep your female rabbit company, please enquire about Oreo below.

Enquire about homing Oreo (Available).