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Storm (available)

Storm is a 2 1/2 year old neutered male rabbit. He is a smaller size rabbit, thought to be a mini rex cross.

He is looking for his forever home with a new friendly female rabbit of a similar age, after his previous friend sadly attacked him.

Storm is friendly and soft. He likes both human and rabbit company, but really needs another gentle rabbit to bond with. They will have to be slowly introduced and we give advice on how to do this.

Storm will need to be housed in a large hutch or shed with adjoining run. This will need to be seperate from your female rabbit until they have slowly bonded.

He also likes to explore and will need space to do so with tunnels, boxes and platforms to climb on. Storm could live indoors but, would also really enjoy being outside with access to grass, with the option to come inside if it is cold, or to have cuddles and a brush.

Storm will need to be fed rabbit nuggets along with fresh veg and hay daily. Storm is neutered, vaccinated and healthy.

Enquire about homing Storm (available).