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Truffles is a fabulously funky and ever so slightly goofy 18 month old girl. She is good at being handled, and doesn`t even mind a little cuddle now and then. She has been used to living as a family rabbit so has had some contact with children of 7 years plus, always carefully monitored, and is quite happy around older children who can respect her needs. Lionhead rabbits do benefit from regular grooming to help them keep their fur in good order and prevent matting.

Truffles has been used to living as a single bunny, but we hope that we can find her a friend in time – most bunnies are happiest living with a mate. For now she is getting used to other bunnies being around her and seems quite confident to say hello through partition wire. Truffles would love to be in a home where she has space to do some exploring and hopefully an existing rabbit that she can be friends with.

Enquire about homing Truffles.