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Moscovie Ducks (Available)

James, Joey, Jason and Johnathan are Moscovie drakes

We have 4 male moscovie ducks who will need to be homed separately from each other and live with a flock of female moscovies as the only male in the groups. They are thought to be around 1.5 years old.

All four are good natured with people and other ducks, they just don’t get along with one another. They all look very similar as well.

As moscovies are quite different from other duck breeds we would prefer if they found homes with their own kind and with people who are familiar with the breed.

They were sadly found abandoned, so are now looking for new homes.

If you can offer one of these handsome fellas a new home, please contact us below.

Enquire about homing Moscovie Ducks (Available).