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Naughty Ned & Tangy

These two boys are so much fun! Naughty Ned lives up to his name – always first to come forward for fusses, always has to have his head in the food bucket first – especially if the food is not for him! – loves to stand in the middle of anything that you are trying to do or any door way that you are trying to go through! Tangy is totally different, always stands back to wait and assess, hates to push himself forward, is very careful and respectful of all things at all times…not the most confident little bean, but getting there!
Ned and Tangy can happily live with other goats…or sheep…or pigs! Ned will want to be in charge of any group they are a part of so they may not work well with another strong leader. Like all goats they love a good, warm bed area, plenty of hardstanding, plenty of opportunity to browse, different levels that they can jump on to play king of the castle and – in Ned`s case at least – anything good and solid that he can head butt!

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