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About Us

Since we were established in 1983, Happy Landings has been working with our community to ensure the lives of animals are protected, enriched and cherished.
For over 40 years, we have worked tirelessly to rescue and rehome animals who have been neglected or abandoned. We have only been able to carry out this work because of our volunteers and supporters, who we are so very grateful for.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on our economy, and the effects are being felt most dramatically by smaller charities, such as Happy Landings. The UK cost of living crisis, including sky-rocketing energy prices, has meant that the cost to care for our rescued animals has gone up. The economic impact has also affected our supporters, who now need to prioritise their own financial stability, despite their dedication to rescued animals, however we remain dedicated to supporting both animals and their owners to work through these trying times.

To ensure the highest level of care and rehabilitation is given to all distressed, neglected or poorly treated animals including wild animals that come into our care. We achieve this either directly within our own facility or through working with other species-specific charities.

To benefit and enhance the life of communities, individuals and animals by giving stray, abandoned, ill treated, suffering or unwanted animals the best possible quality of life. We provide expert and loving care, shelter and veterinary care for stray abandoned, neglected ill-treated suffering or unwanted animals of all kinds and by working efficiently and effectively to find them suitable homes.

These principles guide how we work with animals in our care and as a team of staff, trustees, volunteers, supporters, donors and sponsors.

Compassion: To be non-judgmental, objective and compassionate in our approach to animals and those who deliver them to our care

Respect: To create and nurture a mutually supportive, respectful and enabling environment for all who work to support and sustain the Charity

Community and outreach: We work with the community to find the right home for animals, to provide advice and ongoing support and to celebrate the benefits to people and animals of successful rehoming and fostering. To provide outreach services to give advice and support to animal owners which might otherwise consider relinquishing their pets.

Our World: We recognise and care about the climate emergency and are working to make the activities of the charity sustainable and to achieve net-zero from our operations.

Engagement and Education: We work with our staff, volunteers, supporters and more widely to share our knowledge and to engage and educate others concerning animal care and the mutual benefits that animals and humans bring to each other. We work to influence change within the industry and government policy through contributing ideas, support and opinions.