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Happy Landings relies on the support of others to be able to carry out our work. It costs over £3000 a week to run the centre and although we do have boarding kennels and cattery it does not cover all our costs.

We need your help to raise vital funds.

If you have a fundraising event that you want to take part in, please contact us to let us know, we will support you with fundraising packs, collection buckets and other material to make your event go off with a bang.

One organisation we are registered with is charity challenge. You can choose from a number of amazing challenges and then choose us from their charity list.

We have our own fundraising packs which we can email to you if your are interested in supporting Happy Landings in this way

Have you considered a Legacy?

A legacy is more than a gift – it is a statement about who you are and what you believe in.
A legacy to Happy landings can provide security and hope for animals that come in to our care in the future.

“Our experience of Happy Landings leaves us in no doubt that they always put the animals first. We have included them in our wills because we know our money will be well spent in an excellent cause”

We understand that family provision must come first, but please do think about what you could give to our animals and how much they need you to care.

You secure their futures, ensure that Happy Landings will be here for another 40 years to help animals when they need it. Without your help, we will continue the legacy together.

Why making a will is important -

It ensures that your wishes are followed to the letter, Without a will your belongings may not necessarily go to your spouse, If you have no family everything goes to the government.

There are 3 main types of legacy –
A residuary legacy, where a person leaves a percentage of their estate to a charity. This means that whatever your estate is worth your loved ones are looked after as well as your chosen charity and you do not need to alter your will if your circumstances change.
A pecuniary legacy, is a set sum of money
A specific legacy, is a valuable item such as a painting or jewellery, an area of land or even your home.