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Unlike other boarding kennels and catteries, all the income from the boarding section of Happy Landings goes towards funding the valuable animal rescue work undertaken. It is our main source of funding, so you’re not only boarding your animal, but helping contribute to the rescue and care of other animals less fortunate than your own.

As from the 1st of February 2022 prices will be;
Dogs First Dog £25 per full day and night
Second Dog + sharing 10% discount per full day and night
Cats First Cat £14 per full day
Second Cat + sharing 10% discount per full day and night

Pets that have been adopted from us receive a further 10% discount
Bookings from January require a 50% booking deposit.


In terms of the charges which increased from 01/02/22, there are several reasons for this. First, all of the Charity’s outgoings have increased significantly across every outgoing. Our utility costs have increased; an even higher cost is our staff, and there are other rising prices such as vets’ bills, maintenance, animal food, medical supplies, office kennel and cattery supplies etc. We are fortunate to have a team of great volunteers who help us to keep costs down, and we do receive some donations and legacies. However, outgoings can easily exceed income, and these are challenging times for charities with fewer donations and delays with legacies.

We reviewed our charges by comparison with what is offered elsewhere and the charges that HL offers. It was clear from the evidence of other comparable charges in the context of what HL offers that we had been undercharging for a significant period of time. Therefore, we reluctantly increased our boarding and rehoming charges for cats and dogs to place us in line with other kennels and batteries.

However, as you will know, being a supporter of HL, HL offers more than a conventional cattery or kennels run as a commercial establishment. First and foremost, we are a rescue charity, and everyone using HL is helping to support the Charity and help it to continue to exist. Our staff work for HL because they are animal professionals and love and understand animals and their behaviour and needs. The level of care is second to none. This has recently been recognised by Mendip DC, which awarded HL a 5* rating for its boarding care and facilities – this is the highest rating that can be achieved.

Happy Landings couldn’t survive for the animals without the help of our supporters and volunteers, and I very much hope you will continue to spread the word about the benefits and value of HL and the joy of rehoming a rescue pet.


Please read our Terms and Conditions: 2021-11-16 – Terms and Conditions

All animals presented for boarding must be vaccinated, and if the animal is new to us we will need to see documentary proof of this before an animals can be accepted for boarding.
All Boarding cancellations will be charged if made within two weeks of the arrival date.

Please call 01749 860350 for availability. Book early at peak times as places quickly fill up.

It is important that all animals are fully vaccinated and cards need to be shown at each stay. For their benefit they need to be wormed and de-flead 2 days before their stay. Unlike other boarding kennels and catteries, all the income from the boarding section of Happy Landings goes towards funding the valuable animal rescue work undertaken. It is our main source of funding, so you’re not only boarding your animal, but helping contribute to the rescue and care of other animals less fortunate than your own.



For the dogs, we have a brand new kennels each with underfloor heating, toys, treats and large runs and they also soon have the use of our new exercise paddock during their stay to run off excess energy and to play. We try to keep as close to their normal routine as kennels will allow.




The cats have the use of our warm, cosy cattery. Each pen is individually heated with a variety of toys to play with and regular grooming days. They take turns to have the run of the long corridor where they can have more space to run, or just to sit up on the scratching posts admiring the view of the cattery garden. Once the cat has settled with us they can also enjoy a turn in our fully enclosed cattery garden.


Dear old Oscar is a little dog with lots of additional needs. Happy Landings is the only place where Oscar can go when he can’t be with me. Although in reality there probably isn’t anyone else on the planet willing to look after him, there isn’t anyone else I would trust his care to either. Staff have been so helpful & flexible, taking Oscar in at short notice and keeping him extra days. When we arrive he pulls on the lead to get in & see ‘his mates’ so I have no concerns that he is missing me when I’m away! – Cathie Owen

Our dachshunds are not just ‘looked after’ at Happy Landings – they are ‘loved’!
We have been boarding our 2 miniature Dachshunds at Happy Landings for the last four years. They have stayed for as long as two weeks during holidays and single night ‘sleepovers’ when we are due to be out late.
The dogs always drag me into Happy Landings, wagging their tails and greeting the Kennel staff with great enthusiasm! They never even look back when trotting off happily to the kennel. When we pick them up, they have always been happy and healthy. – Sara J

Our four beloved cats have boarded in Happy Landings Cattery and the care they receive is exemplary. The staff are true animal lovers and are always keen to ensure the cats are settled and happy in lovely clean cosy pens. Our cats are on special diets and 3 out of 4 are on medication which the staff are able to administer. When we collect our cats they always seem settled and relaxed. Our cats are booked in for a fortnight this Summer, which means we can go on holiday safe in the knowledge that our treasured pets are receiving the best of care. We would highly recommend! – Best wishes, Cobi Snelson

We have used Happy Landings to kennel our dogs for many years and are always very happy to leave our dogs in their excellent care. The staff are very dedicated and work so hard looking after all the waifs and strays they take in. As an example, when one of our dogs staying with them became extremely ill, just as we were boarding a plane, they looked after her whilst we were away. They took her to the vets and one member of staff even took her home for the night because she was so worried about leaving her overnight. We couldn’t recommend them more highly.” – Yours Sarah

Gracie our cat was born at Happy Landings and it is here she comes when we go for holidays. Gracie always receives a warm welcome and we totally trust that she is in safe hands. We go away knowing that she will have free time and playtime and will be looked after by those who care deeply about the animals in their care. – Janet