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Volunteer Group

Volunteer Application Form

The idea of the group is to be a support network, to have everybody in one place (via group email, texting, facebook group, or phone numbers). To be made up of people who would like to help out the shelter in any way they can, for example fundraising and events we hold. This could mean helping out physically, if you are up for being at an event and helping on a stand, or helping to set up/pack away. It could be offering to make items for us to sell, or to distribute advertising. Maybe you work in a way that could help us e.g. printing posters/ getting information into a paper / a cake maker that could provide cakes for an event etc.

There is no maximum or minimum amount of help we are asking for. We would welcome new ideas from anyone in the group and support anyone wanting to organise their own event. We would share ideas and advice.

Sometimes we have events lined up and need an extra person to provide an hour or so for someone to have a break.

I will send out a message to all members regarding events/ideas/help needed and anyone that felt they could help would be able to reply.

If you would like to be part of this group, or know someone that does, please email with – Name, email address, phone number (optional), area you live in to members need to be aged 18 or over for contact purposes.

If you live far away and can’t attend events but would still like to help or be involved then you can be. There will be many different ways in which people can help.