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This is Dex. A remarkable little dog with a big story.

Given up by his previous owners because he was deaf, Dex came to Happy Landings Animal Rescue when he was just one year old. His early life had lacked the love he deserved, but everything changed when he was rehomed by one of the rescue centre’s trustees, Nina Harris.

Initially, he was very much in his own little world, unresponsive and lost; but with lots of cuddles he adjusted in his new home, was taught some sign language, and flourished. He spent each day surrounded by a diverse family of rescue dogs, cats, birds, and more, and revelled in the companionship.

He lost many of his teeth in his early years. As a result, Dex was unable to hold his tongue in his mouth, and it lolled, adorably to one side, becoming a signature feature that endeared him even more to those around him.

Dexter_17_Happy_Landings_Rescue_Watercolour_Pet_Portrait_by_Tessa_Carr_smallDex was full of personality and charm and lived a long and fulfilling life. When he was 17, he had his portrait painted by local artist (and Happy Landings supporter) Tessa Carr. Dex passed away on 30 May, 2024 at the impressive age of 18. This article is in celebration of his life. And what a life indeed!

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