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Bella (available)

Bella is a cute, clever, quirky two year old female short hair who really needs another chance at finding her forever home.

She needs someone quiet but confident to slowly get to know her in a peaceful home setting, where she has the option to hide away as and when she needs to. In time Bella will build a good bond and be very affectionate, gentle and playful with people.

She will take lots of patience and a calm strong character to work through her moods. She will need experienced and understanding owners with experience with nervous, stressed cats and those with complex issues, such as redirected or displaced aggression if she sees other cats outside. We can discuss her behaviours and past experiences in more detail to help her work through things, as for the vast majority of the time she is lovely.

She will need a home with rooms that are easy to close off rather than open plan, especially a separate kitchen, as she doesn’t have manners when it comes to being in the kitchen and she gets into everything to explore and check for other cats. She is a quirky, but lovable girl who craves a calm home environment.

She will be best suited to being an indoor only cat. She will need very slow introductions to all of the rooms in the house and she would need to look out onto a quiet garden where there are not other neighbouring dogs or cats coming in, e.g. with cat proof fencing around it. We know this is quite a big ask, but Bella will ideally need to live in a very rural area even as an indoor cat, or on a high floor in a block of flats, since she gets very stressed when she sees any cats outside.

Bella would not suit living with children or any other pets due to her nervous nature.

Bella is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, de flea and wormed.

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