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Georgie (available)

Georgie is a 6 month old collie x breed. She is a highly active and intelligent puppy that needs a very active and experienced home.

Georgie is good with other dogs that are calm but active. She is reactive at first but eventually, with the right dog, she will invite the dog for endless zoomies and play! Georgie is currently in foster and learning how to settle into a home. She is fully house trained and has plenty of tricks up her sleeve. She is also currently living with other dogs.

We are looking for an owner or family that would like to embark on a beautiful journey of agility games, or other forms of canine sport, as Georgie possesses incredible working skills such as speed and intelligence.

The right home for Georgie would need to be cat free and children free as she’s a young girl that finds it difficult to process her surroundings. A calm home next to plenty of fields but most importantly, a home with a lot of love and experience with nervous/reactive dogs would be essential.

She is one of a kind!

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