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Oly (available)

Oly is a 3.5 year old spayed ex racing greyhound. Once a very shy, reserved boy to now a playful boy and a love bug. Since being with us Oly has been finding his voice everyday and learning to trust us more and more. He is now understanding that not everything is his fault and that if his name is called it’s because we want some cuddles and love.

Oly has been assessed with different sized dogs and has done brilliantly. He is eager to say hello and is more than happy to exchange sniffs. He has brilliant manners during walks with or without dogs, does not pull or react to strangers on the lead. Off lead, Oly has his zoomies with his friend Luna but plays beautifully with other bigger dogs that are calm but playful.

Preferably we would like Luna (who is also available for adoption from us) to join Oly to his forever home but we are happy for Oly to be housed with another older bigger dog that is neutered and calm.

Oly needs company and attention, so someone who works from home or retired that is always home to help Oly feel safe and happy is exactly what we are looking for.

Enquire about homing Oly (available).