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Roxy (available)

Roxy is a 4 year old staffie cross. She has shown immense improvement in her behaviour during her stay with us. In the past, the idea of having a dog next to her made her feel anxious and intensely reactive. Fortunately with a lot of love and care Roxy now enjoys her walks with her friends and is learning every day how to cope better. However Roxy would still need correct training and managing when meeting new dogs.

Roxy has so much love to give! She is a loyal and sweet lady that will give you the world and more for just a cuddle. She is very strong but walks amazingly well on the lead.

She loves her food and very much enjoys her enrichment toys with food in them. She’s incredibly clever and attentive, so training comes easy to her.

Roxy needs a calm home and will need to be housed as an only dog.

She is very strong and has some impressive muscles but she does not need long daily walks to keep her happy. Simply two walks and plenty of cuddles each day is perfect for her.

We are not sure how Roxy would feel with cats at the house so we ask for a cat free home and children over 15.

Roxy is truly a miracle dog and has the kindest soul. She will fill your home with love and loyalty forever.

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