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Alfie came to us as a nine week old pup. He had apparently been rescued from appalling conditions at five weeks, and taken home by someone who already had a puppy. After four weeks she handed him in to Happy Landings, but being so tiny he went straight to a foster home.
Four days later we visited him, and fell in love with this tiny lost boy. However, we had to obtain the approval of our other rescue dog, Juno, so the next day we took her back to meet him. Her initial reaction was one of indifference, which we took as a good sign and took him home, along with a few bags of puppy kibble and a small rag doll.
We then had to rush around buying him a bed, suitable toys and a supply of food, as well as essential house training pads!
It quickly became obvious that Juno was smitten with Alfie, and regarded him as her baby. They would almost always be found asleep together with him either curled up between her front legs or lying full length along her back.
Alfie quickly grew into a very handsome young man; with saluki and collie in his genes how could he be otherwise?
Even though he is now way too big, he still likes to climb up on to our laps for cuddles, and we simply can’t resist him; and, at three years old Alfie is a much-loved and integral part of the family. Juno has never fallen out of love with him and lets him get away with murder! He likes to cuddle up with her in her bed in the morning, and still sleeps every night with Dolly!
We wouldn’t be without him – or our others!