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We’ve been wanting to write this ever since we adopted Andy, aka Andy bear/ A.B or just Bear. Wed like to share Andy’s story with other supporters of happy landings.

It’s been 4.5 years now that we’ve had him and he’s brought smiles to our faces ever since. Andy as you probably remember was a boisterous and slightly obnoxious but he has calmed down substantially. He isn’t 100% with other dogs still but he has learned by regular exposure to other dogs and animals that he can walk nicely and even play with others if they meet with his approval.

His favourite place to go for walks is round the Shearwater lake or through Longleat Forrest. When he is at home he enjoys hunting frogs and we are constantly rescuing hedgehogs from him in the autumn.

He tore his crucheat ligament 2 yrs ago and had to have a big operation and we weren’t sure he’d ever recover but last year he climbed “The Old Man of Conniston” and was always way ahead of us, we were amazed! He really is a tough little dog.

Andy is a real lapdog and is just as happy sleeping for hours -on end or having a cuddle. He’s playful and loves chewing toys – nothing is indestructible.

Andy still has his problems, he’s a bit unpredictable and can be quite difficult sometimes which is a real shame but on the whole he has an enormous personality and is loved by our families. We are so glad that we found him because he’s irreplaceable and we love him so much.

We’ve attached some photos which we hope you like…….

Thank you Happy Landings for doing such a wonderful thing for these animals.