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Flash was brought to us as a terrified stray. He had been named “Flash” by his rescuers because for months the only bit of him they ever saw was the flash of white on the end of his tail as he fled out of the door. Starved, beaten and kicked, he was understandably scared of anyone new, any quick movements, hands, anything different. It took him quite a while with us to begin to learn to trust that he was safe and to be ready to meet potential adopters, and although a few people were interested, no one quite took to him. We began to worry that Flash would never find the right home, but it turns out he was just waiting for his “right” people. There was no question in anyone`s minds when Gemma and her partner came to meet Flash, it was the “purrfect” match. Flash has not been with them long, but definitely feels loved and has made himself at home! Scared cat – what scared cat?!