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I thought that you might like to know that Hammy is now out and about.

He had been sitting looking out of our windows and conservatory windows for days.

Anyway, he wanted to go out and has been out several times and has come back in for cuddles.

Yesterday he had a date with our local Burmese a sweet little female cat…they had a chat in the garden then disappeared off together.

Hammy will be meeting Simon (young black male – stray rehomed) and Rita (Tabby female stray rehomed) soon, they belong to my neighbour who is an animal healer! She is dotty about cats like me. Simon is often in our garden on pond watch but shot off when he saw Hammy looking out of the window.

Hammy is sitting on my lap now as I type…it seems all of the cats I have owned like to do this. When he gets tired of me tapping he will bite my fingers!

Last night Hammy came and slept with me…he rested his cheek on mine and purred…soooooo sweet, he is a real purrer.

He is still a little jumpy but every day his confidence grows.

A real little sweetie

Thank you