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We first met Juno in August 2012 in the Happy Landing reception and she was a very shy, anxious dog that struggled with normal doggy life and was more focused on chasing flies than interacting with new people. It was clear at this point that her life up until now had not been an easy ride for her.

After spending a month or so going to spend time with her daily and taking her for walks and after long discussions with the staff at Happy Landings we brought her home one afternoon and she claimed the house as hers.

From that moment onwards by keeping her world small to start with and gradually introducing new places and things, she has steadily grown in confidence and personality over the last 3 years and her natural intelligence and charm shine through with every passing week. She’s now the Mother figure to Alfie and Bella and with a glint in her eye and skip in her step she enjoys teasing and winding them both up. To think that 3 years ago she was falling over backwards watching birds fly, unable to play and struggling to interact, to now being a Buckham fair “Best Rescue” qualifier and gentle giant around the house. Juno has been a real pleasure and privilege to help through her issues and thank you to Happy Landing for entrusting us with her. We couldn’t have asked for a ‘better’ dog!