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Oscar was a very special little lad, brought to us for re-homing at just 15 months. A carefully chosen Cockapoo, he had sadly and inadvertently been given all the wrong cues from a puppy. By the time he came to us he was displaying quite difficult guarding behaviours, was totally unsocialised, was badly matted because he could not be groomed and had bitten….pretty harsh going for one so young. An incredibly clever dog we had to be one step ahead of this boy every step of the way, but quickly realised that kennels was too overwhelming and too variable for him, he needed the security of a very special and experienced foster home. The sort of foster he needed is very few and far between, we were so very lucky (thank you so much Kay, he would never have done it without you!). 3 months later the now lovely Oscar was re-homed to a wonderful and experienced couple who fully understood Oscar and his needs. He had been taught to trust, to allow touch and to “swap” with treasured stolen possessions…he had even learnt to open up his heart so that he could love and be loved. He is thriving with his adopters, does lots of training and agility work and could not be happier.