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I just thought that I would drop a line about how Willow was doing since being homed with us. She is the most wonderful pet that anyone could wish for; loyal, fun, pleased to meet everyone but most of all great with her new sister, Chloe our 8yr old daughter They certainly are the very best of friends :-) The only downside has been her lack of recall and complete satisfaction of running us around in circles never to come back until she flops from exhaustion! Being a Sprollie she is a complete ‘live wire’ and even training classes and agility did nothing to stop her brain working overtime and getting bored. There’s only so many times that you can be sent to the ‘naughty step’ for disrupting the class without being completely embarrassed!! :-) A chance meeting with an almost identical Sprollie (Maverick) in our village saw both dogs greet each other as if long lost friends! Maverick was said to be the ‘perfect’ dog with immaculate recall so a plan was hatched to see if we could use him as a role model to Willow who was obviously completely ‘smitten’ with him by this time! Wow! What a great idea that has turned out to be! As hoped Willow did take Maverick’s lead and is now well on her way to having equally ‘immaculate’ recall! But best of all is that now she can run free and use up all that energy and brain power on enjoying herself and being the dog that she deserves to be; well rounded, satisfied and happy! :-) Being our third rescue we thought we knew a bit about dogs but they are all very different and you certainly keep learning! So thank you so much Happy Landings for bringing Willow into our lives and making our family complete again! Keep up the good work.